Egyptian military confirms Egyptair wreckage and human remains found; debate over crash cause continues

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CAIRO, EGYPT - After more than a day of searching, Egyptian military officials say they have definitely located wreckage from the crash of Egyptair Flight 804 in the Mediterranean Sea.

Officials say floating debris included passengers' personal belongings and even some human remains.

Some victims' family members have gathered in Cairo to mourn, including the uncle of the plane's co-pilot.

"What happened was really, really very much unfortunate," Yassir Abdel Ghaffar, the uncle, said.

What brought down the plane continues to remain a mystery, with all possibilities still being explored.

Back in the states, Texas Representative and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul thinks it's terrorism.

"I believe all the indicators are there that likely this is a terrorist event," McCaul stated.

But the FBI says not so fast. "So far, at least, we have no claim of responsibility or evidence that this was an intentional act," FBI Director James Comey declared.

And with the TSA under fire the past week for long lines at airports around the country, the Egyptair tragedy has taken on a different meaning.

"It's a stark reminder that what we do is really important," TSA administrator Peter Neffenger said. "And we need to do it well, and we need to do it efficiently."

Meantime, in Paris, airport security at Charles de Gaulle Airport-- where the Egyptair flight originated-- has been amped-up to what's being called "unprecedented" levels following the Egyptair crash.

Now, the question remains...what really brought down Flight 804? can a similar tragedy be prevented from happening again?