Feds derail funding for controversial ‘Rail on Richmond’ project

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Houston - Talk about getting run out of town on a rail!

"Houston, we have no light rail!"

...at least not along Richmond Avenue,  and it looks like it's going to stay that way.

The Feds have pulled the funding for the controversial project which has been on METRO's back-burner now for well over a decade.

Congressman John Culberson says residents never wanted it in the first place.

"My constituents on Richmond in those neighborhoods strongly opposed that rail line," Culberson told NewsFix. "The voters did not approve it, and therefore I made certain that those neighborhoods were protected."

Culberson issued a letter making the funding announcement on Friday morning, and in it he concluded the 'Rail on Richmond' "would have destroyed homes and businesses in the area."

"Let's focus first on what the voters already approved in 2003," Culberson said. "Instead of building rail where voters do not want it, did not approve it, and METRO cannot afford it."

But Mayor Turner has said Houston needs more rail lines just like in other major cities.

Some people want to be able to ride the rails in H-Town, too, but the congressman said, "We first need to focus on building commuter rail, and build commuter bus service out to the suburbs."

For those opposed to the "Rail on Richmond" project, they hope this latest turn marks "the end of the line!"