Quanell X says he doesn’t hold Walker County Sheriff responsible for death of female inmate

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WALKER COUNTY, TX - After a 22-year-old mom died in the Walker County Jail earlier this month, the Texas Rangers were brought in to investigate the female inmate's death, just like in the Sandra Bland case in Waller County.

"This is a tragedy," community activist Quanell X declared. "This is a tragic case."

The young mom, Symone Marshall, had just moved to Huntsville from Detroit.

Marshall was originally arrested on April 26 following a car accident near Huntsville on I-45.

Symone Marshall

Symone Marshall

When Marshall suffered a seizure a few weeks later behind bars, she was later pronounced "dead" at Huntsville Memorial Hospital.

Community activist Quanell X visited the jail on Friday, and he seems to have given the Walker County facility a thumbs-up on their handling of the Marshall case.

"I don't believe that Walker County Sheriff or that his department did anything to cause the death of this young woman," Quanell X announced. "I don't believe she was physically abused. I don't believe she was mistreated, but I do believe that she did receive adequate thorough care here."

Quanell thanked the sheriff and his department for being especially transparent in this case.

"Given the Sandra Bland situation, given jail deaths in Harris County that have taken place recently, I believe that law enforcement has a vested interest in transparency," Nation of Islam's Dr. Robert Muhammad stated.

But local activists say they will remain vigilant in keeping law enforcement open and transparent.

"This doesn't give the sheriff and DPS a pass on anything else that may have transpired or will transpire in the future," Muhammad said. "We'll come back and there'll be a whole different attitude."

While the Sandra Bland case remains full of controversy for Waller County, it looks like things are running according to proper procedure in Walker County. And the public certainly hopes that trend continues.

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