Robot monk educates, answers questions on Buddhism

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BEIJING - In this digital age, you can learn almost anything on your smart phone.  It won't be long before robots will take over.  They're already teaching in Beijing.

Xian'er is an interactive robot monk, designed to respond to voice commands and answer questions about Buddhism.  The Longquan Temple developed this robo monk after the Chinese Buddhism Association wanted to help educate the public with technology.

In the U.S., a new type of robot lawyer might put some legal assistants out of work.  Reportedly, the firm Baker & Hostetler will use ROSS, an artificially intelligent attorney to help with legal research.  It constantly gathers info to stay up to date on changes in laws, rulings, and other relevant info for cases.  ROSS is designed based on IBM's Watson cognitive computer, and is not designed for the courtroom, yet.