San Francisco police chief fired after African-American unarmed suspect killed

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -  San Francisco is saying "deuces" to the man in charge, Police Chief Greg Suhr.

The mayor of San Francisco, Edwin Lee, asked the chief to resign after a 27-year-old, unarmed, African-American woman was fatally shot by an SFPD officer.

Lee hopes new leadership will stop incidents, like this one, from occurring.

This was strike number three for Suhr; the incident was the third fatal shooting incident since December.

Hours after this latest incident, the chief stepped down.

According to San Francisco public defender, Jeff Adachi, Police Chief Suhr had been working on changing policies. Unfortunately, the incident wasn't in line with current policies.

Adachi believes the occurrence "reflects the culture of a police department that has no respect for human life".

Citizens of San Francisco are expressing sympathy for the 27-year-old who lost her life on Thursday, holding a vigil in her honor just hours after the incident.

Apparently, the woman was driving a stolen vehicle. When cops approached her, the woman tried to flee the scene.

A single gunshot was fired; it was enough to take her life.

As SFPD tries to take steps in the right direction, Toney Chapline, will step in as interim police. Looks like he was quite the task ahead of him.