Bra brawl is no secret, thanks to surveillance cameras

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MIAMI LAKES, FL -  Well....Victoria`s Secret is out!  The store best known for women`s bras, is now known for women`s brawls.

Surveillance video in a Miami Lakes, Florida store shows five women walking in, and picking up large quantities of merchandise.  First they grabbed, then they headed toward the exit.

The lone sales associate notices one of the lingerie lifters, and asks if she can hold the merchandise for her. The suspect shoves the saleswoman and starts pulling her hair.

That`s when all hell broke loose. The gloves came off and the other four shoplifters violently lay into the defenseless store employee. Hitting, punching....she even got clocked in the face.

Other customers gather `round the ring, but no one steps in to break it up.

A suspect gets in one final jab, then all five take off. Shoppers are stunned. One says, "Police need to grab these women. These people out here are crazy!”

Right after the final punch, the sales associate managed to snap a few pics on her cell phone of three of the five suspects. Despite their secret haul, those boxing bra bandits` identities may soon be revealed.