Chicago has a beef with Houston and it has to do with beer

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HOUSTON, TX - There's a battle brewing between two major American cities. The Chicago Tribune recently called Houston its "Newfound nemesis to the south". Maybe the animosity stems from a new census finding showing Houston could soon surpass Chicago as the third-largest city in the U.S. by population. A crushing blow to the windy city's ego, but things are about to get worse.

A new study also says Houston "drinks more beer" than Chicago. Beer fan and Houstonian, Laura Schreck agrees, "Houston, Texas can absolutely out drink Chicago on any given day of the week." David Graham, marketing manager at Karbach Brewing Company in Houston says, "I don't think it's surprising at all. So Houston is the most diverse city in the nation and one of the common languages we all have in this city is beer. It is a beverage that brings people together, it gets them talking, it gets them comfortable with one another."

Market research company IRI says Houston is out drinking Chicago by double the amount. Last year, the study says Houstonians spent $1 billion in beer, compared to the lightweights up north, with just $545 million. Houston definitely seems "thirstier" for a win. Graham adds, "When you take a look at who lives in Houston, it doesn't surprise me that we are really blowing it out of the water in terms of beer drinking."

Many also say climate has a lot to do with it. According to Graham, "They're the Windy City. A great city, of course, but we are the humidity city and nothing quenches the thirst like a well made, cold beer." So, move over Chicago, Houston is coming for you. We'll drink to that!