Control your cravings for something sweet with these superfoods

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HOUSTON, TX - Cravings! You know that gnawing, urgent desire for something decadent delicious. And by decadent and delicious we mean awful for you. Enter superfoods to the rescue. You know the super healthy power foods that you never, ever crave. Well, guess what? It is widely believed that these fantastic foods can make you feel super! Erinn O'Leary Stewart, creator of DEFINE Foods says, "Superfoods is exactly what it sounds like. It's super good of you. They're plant-based, mineral rich, high in enzymes, honestly the most powerful foods on the planet."

Most know some common superfoods like avocado, kale and blueberries. Then there's the exotic ones like cacao, maca and acai berry. Stewart adds, "They're pure. They're raw. They're whole. There is nothing altered to them to make them what they are." Naked and nutritious, but can these superfoods actually satisfy those with naughty cravings? Yes, according to Stewart who says the right blend of superfoods can indeed gratify your decadent demands, all while helping you maintain a healthy diet.

According to Stewart, "It's about combinations of what to add to your superfoods to make them tastes, über delicious and still beneficial for you. So it's choosing and sourcing the appropriate ingredients." Like bitter-tasting raw cocoa, sweetened with dates and a few other super ingredients, to make rich and sweet tooth satisfying brownies. Or take that same raw cocoa, and this time add avocados to it. Blend it all up for a decadent chocolate parfait without all that par-fat. Stewart adds another recipe to the list, "Our raw, amazing superfood truffles. and these have the maca and the cocoa combined and they really work tangible with one another. It's very possible to have a really great treat and indulge appropriately, and also feel good about indulging."

Superfoods and the fantastic treats you can make with them. All we can say is, "sweet!"

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