Johnny ‘Football’ gets booted from Vegas club after punching out a club-goer

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LAS VEGAS, NV - Don't look now, but NFL bad boy Johnny Manziel has more problems. Like more than 99 of 'em.

Oh yeah, he's got a lot more than that!

Johnny's latest hi-jinks got him kicked out of a club in Vegas.

What happens in Vegas, didn't stay there since, according to TMZ, the former Browns QB was partying at a nightclub there when Drake showed up for a surprise performance.

Witnesses say fans started pushing to get up close to the stage, and apparently when Johnny-boy got pushed, he decided to "punch" back!

Yeah, that was enough to get Manziel sacked-- and booted from the club.

Then these pictures  surfaced of a super-thin Manziel, hinting at a drastic weight loss.

But that's the least of Johnny's problems these days.

He was already indicted for domestic violence in 'Big D' earlier this month, and now comes word  from TMZ Sports that the NFL is investigating Manziel's car crash in LA last month.

Geez, can this guy stay out of trouble for one minute? Apparently not!

After being dumped by his agents, Manziel's job prospects for the NFL are not looking very good.

Looks like it may take several 'Hail Marys' to save the former QB now.