11-year-old murder victim, Josue Flores, laid to rest Tuesday

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HOUSTON -- Funeral services are being held Tuesday for 11-year-old Josue Flores, who was stabbed to death by an unknown man while walking home from school last week.

"He always had love in his heart for everybody." Those are the words of an emotional Guadalupe Flores  as she talks about her little brother.

Often, after the death of a loved one, we turn to family and friends for comfort. That's even more the case when the loss is that of an innocent child.

"I can just picture God's hands just comforting him."

It`s been nearly a week since Josue was brutally stabbed in north Houston.  The family has been on a roller coaster of emotions ever since.

"I can only imagine my little brother's pain," his oldest sister says. “I had a lot of questions running through my mind. I was confused."

Hundreds of people paid their respects during Monday`s vigil. Many never met him or his family. They only know the boy from his photo. Full of life. All smiles.

"The love has been pouring in non-stop. The hugs and the condolences."

The family`s grief is compounded knowing Josue's killer`s still on the loose.

“Ya`ll defamed my character, man,” says Che Calhoun, the man who was falsely accused of murdering the boy. He`s since been released and the hunt for the real monster has ramped up.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turners says he has instructed Houston’s police chief to "Utilize every available resource within HPD to bring this person to justice." Turner goes on to say, "We're not going to leave any stone unturned."

While authorities search for the killer, Josue`s family searches for healing.