4-year-old helps firefighters get her out of jam

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TEMPE, AZ - Clearly, not all four-year-olds are created equal. Case in point: a precocious, tiny tot from Tempe, Arizona.

Malaysia Iwebema and her three-year-old cousin accidentally locked themselves in the bathroom, but instead of crying like a baby, Malaysia stayed cool as a cucumber.

"I wasn't that calm," said Malaysia. "I kind of started crying."

She's really not giving herself enough credit. Once firefighters arrived on scene, they told Malaysia they needed her help.

"I got a hammer and tried to bang it but it didn't work."

So, on to plan B.

Firefighters slid a phone under the door and she snapped a photo of the jammed lock, then passed the phone back to firefighters. Then, they passed a little screwdriver to the four-year-old. Moments later, the door opened, and Malaysia and her lil cousin walked out to cheers and high-fives. To a four-year-old, it must have seemed like an eternity in there!

"I think I was in there for 13 hours."

If any of you are still wondering how a little girl managed to work a tiny screwdriver...

"My dad told me righty-tighty, lefty-loosey."

Wisest words ever spoken by a four-year-old!