An emotional and final farewell to 11-year-old Josue Flores

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HOUSTON, TX - Today’s scene at the La Paz Memorial Funeral Home was one no parents should have to endure: the funeral of their 11-year-old child.

Father Anil Thomas had one message for mourners, "We need to be united. We need to protect our children. And we need to watch over others, too."

One week after being brutally murdered while walking home from school, Josue Flores has been laid to rest.

Surrounded by loved ones, friends, and even strangers....Josue`s family said their final goodbyes.

"I knew Josue,” said Amiltar McCumber. “And from  one to 10, he was a 10."

promo288310460Once known only to classmates and his immediate circle, Josue`s death has prompted an outpouring of support for his family from all over Houston. Including those who did not know him or his family, like Jose Gonzalez.  "I saw him on TV and felt kind of bad and wanted to show support.”

As the community mourns, a city-wide manhunt is underway to find the monster responsible for stabbing Josue multiple times in broad daylight.

Spring Garcia's younger sister was Josue’s classmate. "I do fear for all the other children that's in this area."

Houston police have the green light from the mayor to use every available resource to catch the creep, and get him off the streets.

Hyrum Estupinan, Josue’s math teacher, is horrified by what happened to one of his best students.  "I can't imagine what was going through his mind and I don't want to. I just want him to get caught."

Josue`s oldest sister believes he`s sleeping with angels, now. But authorities believe the devil who did this needs to be caught, so Josue can really rest in peace.