Germ-killing robot cleans up Cypress hospital

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CYPRESS -  Fighting germs is a tough job, and light sabers can't wipe out bacteria... so the folks at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital, called in the "R2-D2 of germ killers."

Meet Violet, the germ zapping robot. She look like R2-D2, but acts more like the Terminator by killing germs left and right.

People in hospitals are more susceptible to infections. So after the standard cleaning, Violet is brought in to zap microscopic germs.

Violet’s name comes from the high energy UV-C, or ultra-“violet” light she produces.

“Bacteria and viruses have no defense against it. That means C. diff, MRSA, some of the super bugs that we hear about all the time, it’s able to zap them. Zapping is UV light going into the organism and wither damages it so much that it can’t reproduce anymore or kills it directly."

The UV-C light is blindingly bright, and not good for our eyes, so no one is allowed in the room when Violet is working. They have to stay outside behind the glass doors.

Violet is the only germ-zapping robot in Cy-Fair but she has seven siblings "zapping away" at MD Anderson, and 300 across the country.

"This is new technology, we’re early adopters, but we felt it’s the right thing to do for our community and our patients. It provides that peace of mind," says Naman Mahajan,  the Chief Operating Operator at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital.

Cy-Fair rest easy, this germ-killing robot might be done for the day, but like the Terminator, she'll be back.