Graduating with class

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WAKE COUNTY, NC -  When school`s dismissed for the last day of the year, it`s pretty exciting for high school seniors.

Speeches from classmates are a big part of the pomp and circumstance. Another graduation highlight is hearing from the classmate who graduates number one.

“Not anymore!” says one North Carolina school district.

The Wake County School Board is puttin` the kibosh on that and doing away with the age-old tradition of valedictorians and salutatorians. (You know, the titles reserved for the two seniors with the highest GPA’s.)

Board members say it creates unhealthy competition among the kids. Critics say it sends the wrong message. That, being recognized for working your hardest is no longer a lesson worth teaching.

Meanwhile, over in Oklahoma, hard work earned one graduate more than a diploma. Micah McDade was born with cerebral palsy. He’s had several surgeries, and lived life in a wheelchair.

But on graduation day, he surprised his classmates by walking in public for the very first time.  They never thought they`d see it and rewarded Micah with a standing ovation.

Now that`s what you call, “Showing some real class!”