Houston Superbowl 51 tickets go on sale in June

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We're pumped about the Superbowl coming back to our city in 2017 but now it may get even better.

Tickets for us regular folks like you and me go on sale June 1st.

A group licensed by the NFL will start selling super bowl tickets as part of packages next month -- eight months ahead of the big game.

For  the first time along with those coveted game day tickets comes special Superbowl fan moments both  the on-field pregame and  after the game.

This is league strategy. The NFL  wants more control over tickets before the chaos of the Superbowl sets in, which  means less insane ticket broker  prices and puts the brakes on  short selling. That's, ya know selling Superbowl tickets without having them in hand, hoping to  buy them last minute  cheaper.

For such a big game that only comes once a year, you may just get what you pay for this time around.