Major drama for Houston airline passengers after threats against two local flights

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HOUSTON - There's a lot of drama in the air these days!

And there was plenty of it on the ground at Bush Intercontinental Airport on Tuesday morning after someone called in a threat against a Delta flight!

"We were notified about a phone threat that was made non-specific to a flight that was departing from Bush," Houston Airport System public information officer Bill Begley announced.

While some rumors were that it was a bomb threat, officials used the words "non-specific." They're being hush-hush on any further info for now. Apparently the threat was called in to somewhere else, and then the info was passed along to the airport officials.

"We re-screened all the passengers and the baggage to make sure there was no credibility to the threat," Begley said.

Since no threat was found, everybody got back on board and the flight took off without any further problems.

In the meantime, 1,500 miles to to the west, an H-Town flight was causing headaches for LAX, too! An American Eagle jet that took off from Houston also received a threat but landed safely in Los Angeles.

The FBI is investigating further, but passengers were screened as they walked off the plane.

It's safe to say after the recent EgyptAir disaster, everyone is "living on the edge."

Begley noted that's why, "We're always going to take any threat seriously, and we're always going to err on the side of caution."