New York police and fire department brawl at charity football game

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BROOKLYN, NY - The NYPD and the Fire Department of New York brawled out of control at a charity football game in Brooklyn.

The game was to raise money for the NYPD Widows' & Children's Fund and the FDNY Fire Family Transport Foundation.

Things got ugly after a tackle near the sidelines in the final minutes of the game.  After the scuffle, one player walked away with a bloody face.  Talk about taking one for the team.

Apparently, these fights at charity games are a tradition for these first responders.  Some say the dispute goes back for decades, when firefighters took on tasks that were assigned to the NYPD.

In 2014, both groups brawled at a hockey charity game.  This time, it seems like both teams left their differences on the field, so it's unlikely anyone will be benched for unsportsmanlike conduct.