Tommy Chong gets “uninvited” to appear at Bernie Sanders campaign rally

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Something weird is going on in East LA.

Tommy Chong, a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders, was invited to introduce the senator from Vermont at his East LA rally, and then all of a sudden that invite went up in smoke.

Man, talk about getting dissed!

Suddenly, Sanders' campaign dis-invited the comedian hours after he had told an LA radio audience to come see him at the rally, so now Chong is really feeling the "Bern!"

Chong said "it was an insult" to be uninvited after all he's done for the campaign.

Still, according to his twitter posts, Chong is still backing Bernie in his bid for the White House.

Since Chong didn't get to deliver his inspirational message at the rally, he still shared his "stoned-age wisdom" via Twitter saying, "Be the successful stoner that society says doesn't exist!"

Well, maybe that's a message some politicians are already living.

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