Search for missing driver after floods overturn truck in Washington County

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, TX - Rescuers are on the scene of a turned over truck in Washington County as they search for the driver Darren Mitchell, 21.

Darren Mitchell 1

Darren Mitchell, 21


Facebook post Darren Mitchell sent while caught in storm

Witnesses say Mitchell was trying to assist another driver who was battling the high-rising waters in the area. He was unable to help so got back into his truck. Shortly afterwards the current caused his truck to flip over the bridge.

According to his grandmother Roberta Washington, he called his mom to tell her he was in high water and posted a picture on Facebook while inside his truck. That message was cryptic showing the high waters and a message saying "And all I wanted to do was go home."

The Brenham Fire Department says two other people were killed by the storm that hit Brenham yesterday. One victim drowned after becoming trapped in a trailer home, and the other person apparently suffered a heart attack after jumping into high waters.

His grandmother told us that believes Darren does not know how to swim since she had never seen him swim in her life.

Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak tells NewsFix they have received 18-22 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.

Sheriff Hanak added that there are a lot of abandoned vehicles around the county and they are doing everything they can to search them to make sure there are no individuals in those vehicles

Darren Mitchell, 21

Darren Mitchell, 21


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