Simon Says: Lines are long because TSA is short on creativity!

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Nothing says summer travel like dealing with long lines, crying kids, and body odor right next to you. And I’m not talking about a trip to Disney. Nope, we’re all hearing how the fun starts before you leave.

The TSA lines are a mess!

We’ve been warned about the 2, even 3 hour wait times, because there’s too many of us and not enough TSA screeners.

You knew things were going to be bad more than two years ago when you saw headlines like this. The TSA was giving away money if you had a good idea to speed things up!

Think about it. In the 15 years since 9-11, nothing has fundamentally changed with the way we go through security.

I mean, the only major change with the TSA since it began was employees going from the white shirt to the blue!  You could imagine the red tape it took for that to happen!!!

Sure, there are things like “TSA pre” and “Clear” that can get you through the line faster, but the process is still the same way it’s always been.

That’s just unacceptable.

Show me a business or industry that hasn’t evolved since 2001, and I’ll show you a failure. The TSA is like a record store that’s still open!  Out of date and out of touch!

Smart people invented the toll tag to lessen traffic, smart people have figured out a faster way to get a ride with Uber and Lyft. It feels like driverless cars are evolving faster than what’s going on at the airport.

There has to be a better way! Money won’t solve this, valuable ideas will!

Too bad the people running the TSA don’t have a clue what it should also stand for: Think Smart Always.

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