Caught on Camera: Boat loaded with hundreds of migrants topples into the Mediterranean Sea

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Mediterranean Sea - A shocking sight at sea as dozens-- possibly hundreds-- of migrants are feared dead after their overcrowded boat capsizes in the Mediterranean, and the gruesome event was all caught on camera, as seen in new footage released by the Italian Navy.

In the dramatic footage, the boat can be seen rocking back and forth in the relatively calm seas, but then the overwhelming weight of the overcrowded vessel eventually takes its toll as the entire boat capsizes and begins to sink-- almost like a scene out of "Titanic."

The tragic event took place nearly 30 to 40 miles off the coast of Libya, according to the Italian Coast Guard.

At least 30 migrants are believed to have drowned, and the Italian Coast Guard has rescued another 96-- that leaves hundreds unaccounted for.

The sinking ship comes after the main migrant route into Europe has changed.

According to the latest International Organization for Migration figures, fleeing refugees entering Italy by sea are up 54 percent, while those crossing through Greece are down 67 percent over the past two weeks.

For those still missing at sea, family and loved ones can now only hope for the best.


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