Kids in China scale half-mile rocky cliff using vine-ladders just to go to school

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Sichuan Province, China - Just how far would you go to get to school on time?

Well, you won't believe what some kids as young as six-years-old in the mountains of southwest China face just to get to their classroom!

Oh, we're talking much more than "stranger danger." We're talking  cliff-danger. These kids have to scale a half-mile, straight up using wobbly vine-ladders to climb the steep rocky cliff!

Brings a whole new meaning to school of "rock."

The two-hour trip to school is so intense-- and so taxing-- that the kids can only make this trek about twice a month.

Yeah, some parents volunteer to go along and supervise the kids since the commute is so dangerous.

So why do they do it?

Well, some say that's a secret.

But hey, it's no secret that a good education is worth climbing to the ends of the earth!

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