North Carolina school district proposes ban against all ‘skinny jeans’ on campus

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Wilmington, NC - Just when you thought it was safe to put on a pair of skinny jeans, the fashion police in North Carolina are about to make an arrest!

Yeah, the "skinny of it" is a school district there wants to ban all skinny jeans and tight pants.

So what's the reason for the ban?

Because the school board claims some "bigger girls" were being bullied about their tight jeans.

"I want the students to be able to say, wait a minute, I need to take some ownership and control over this, too," New Hanover County Board of Education member Lisa Estep said. "That's very important."

Oh, but those skinny jeans are creating an uproar.

New Hanover County Schools sent out a tweet to ask students for their opinion of the new dress code.

"Most of the county tweeted today that they just...they didn't like this," student Macy Austin insisted.

But the district is considering one exception, and that is that a top or dress be worn that "must cover the posterior in it's entirety."

"We were like covering up our posterior with our shirts and we were like, 'Sorry, is this distracting you?'" Austin laughed.

Geez, if the board wants to do fashion a favor, why don't they start with "mom jeans?"

Yeah, now that's definitely a 'crime of fashion!'

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