Burlesque dancer not allowed to board flight with “inappropriate” shorts

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SEATTLE, WA - A JetBlue pilot flying from Boston to Seattle didn't let a burlesque dancer wear her booty shorts aboard his flight.

Maggie McMuffin, a Seattle entertainer, was approached by an airline worker who said the pilot thought her shorts were not appropriate for the flight.

The performer agreed to cover up her booty shorts.  "I could tie a sweater around my waist, I could get a blanket from you guys."

But the flight attendant's said McMuffin had to either loose the look or re-book her flight!

McMuffin didn't have time for the drama; instead she rushed through the terminal and bought herself some longer shorts.

Even though the entertainer made it on her flight, she says she felt very disrespected. "I'd say body shaming and slut shaming more than outright sexism."

Some Seattle-Tacoma airport-goers agree with the pilot's choice. Traveler, Maryanne Garner says "I would hate to sit next to someone dressed like that, honestly."

Other's believe McMuffin should be allowed to do her thing. Kendall Merry thinks "I wouldn't wear them on a plane, but she's welcome to."

JetBlue tried to make it up to McMuffin with an apology and an $162 flight credit.

But McMuffin hopes the airline handles situations like hers more sensitively next time. "I would really like to know that JetBlue  is doing more to deal with these situations better moving forward, or make sure they don't happen again."

So next time you're "checking-in" . . .  better check the dress code, too!

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