Caught on Camera: Apparent road rage driver plows over motorcycle and two riders

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TAMPA, FL - You could call it a case of  "rage and run!"

Yeah, another nasty bit of apparent road rage has hit the streets of Tampa, and it was all caught on camera.

Witness Abe Garcia shot the video on his phone and posted it to Facebook.

In the dramatic footage, you hear the impact of the car rolling over the bike, and then you see two bodies go flying across the road after being struck by the speeding car, which appears to deliberately target the motorcycle.

Garcia says the whole incident started earlier up the road when the car cut off the folks on the motorcycle, and nearly ran them off the road!

Then he says things really escalated when both parties stopped at a red light and began screaming at each other.

At that point he began recording.

"I knew something was going to go down," Garcia acknowledged. "I didn't know that extreme at all, but people are crazy, man - anywhere it's your life, you're like, and, instantly [smash]."

Garcia says the police arrested the driver of the car minutes later further down the road.

The two people who were hit on the motorcycle were reportedly hospitalized.

Now those victims hope that raging  driver will be driven to justice.

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