New version of bible told with emojis

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Any of you naughty "sexters" guilty of using the eggplant emoji one too many times?

Y'all need Jesus, or maybe all y'all really need is  . . . emojis!

That's right, the "Bible Emoji" is now a thing. Hallelujah!

For those of you who need the word of God on the run, this new account has you covered! That is, if you can decipher the meaning of these emoji scriptures.

You might have to have read the original bible before you understand this one's messages!

Bible Emoji even has a translator feature. The site says you can enter your favorite bible verse and it'll be translated to emoji scripture.

. . . So, what's it going to be, the eggplant emoji or the angel one?

Hey, NewsFix isn't judging, but who knows , the man upstairs might!

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