North Korea launches it’s own Facebook, gets hacked and taken down hours later

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA - Not much seems to be working very well in North Korea these days.

Yeah, apparently the isolated regime has suffered a recent string of failures starting with a Facebook clone they just launched.

Yep, apparently North Korea created their very own clone version of Facebook, complete with news feeds and friend requests.

The site-- called "Best Korea's Social Network"-- was apparently hacked by a Scottish college student shortly after it was discovered, however.

And then a few hours later, the site went off-line completely.

North Korea's luck wasn't much better with a recent missile launch, either.

A South Korean military official says the North failed to launch what appears to have been a medium-range missile, with it blowing up on the launch pad.

In April, they tried three times to launch a missile, but failed each time.

Then, South Korea also discovered these "propaganda balloons" that got stuck on some high-voltage power lines in Seoul.

A military bomb squad took them down and then turned them over to police.

So, what's the next attempt at "perfecting technology" that the North plans to do?

Uh, maybe they'll take up video games.

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