“Sons of Anarchy” reunion at Space City Comic Con tarnished with controversy

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HOUSTON, TX - The “Sons of Anarchy" cast was in town over the weekend for Space City Comic Con, and for better or worse, it was an authentic anarchy experience.

There was supposed to be a full “Sons of Anarchy” cast reunion, but only half of them made it to the stage.

The reason, promoters say, was a series of miscommunications between the organizers and the representation of Charlie Hunnam... you know... Jax!

Apparently life went about imitating art when it came to expectations of payment not being met.

“Charlie and his security people and several other actors, had called me into the office to discuss the taking of the pre paid vouchers, whether they would do so or not, at least that was the pretense, they basically said you`re not leaving this room until you pay us all our money. They asked me to use my phone, to call various people, family and friends, and to ask for money to be sent to me,” said George Comits, majority stakeholder and promoter of Space City Comic Con.

So the cops got called, had a talk to with Charlie`s entourage, and things got settled before they got out of hand.

According to Comits, Charlie didn`t attend the reunion and convinced other cast members to ditch it, too. Charlie did stick around to sell autographs and pictures with himself, but not the full three days in his contract.

As 'Charming' as all this reunion was, “Sons of Anarchy” wasn`t sci-fi in the first place! As partial refunds start to trickle out for people, hopefully that bad taste in everyone`s mouth fades fast.

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