Texans hopeful takes to streets to get some play

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HOUSTON, TX-- What happens to NFL hopefuls who get their shot and don't quite make it? If you're Houstonian Sean Mock (aka Hogg for how he "tears up the field"), you don't give up.

Mock attended Forest Brook High School, Blinn College and Lamar University, before trying out for the Texans in 2012. He didn't make the team, but he did get calls from arena football teams and Canadian recruiters. Still, his dream was always to play in the NFL.

So he put together a "Will Work for Food" type sign, explaining he "will sack quarterbacks for food and water." Since the Texans have been practicing this season, the wannabe-linebacker has been outside the field, trying to get their attention. So far... nothing. But he's not giving up.

His plea to Coach O'Brien: "Just give me an opportunity or a chance, or a three-day waiver to come out there for free, and let me prove myself to show I'm worthy to be out here on this field."

Before you laugh this guy off, consider Joe Anderson. He did the same thing outside NRG Park last year and, though he didn't get reaction from the Texans, he ended up playing for the New York Jets.

Hogg assures it's his love of the game that's driving him, not the opportunity for a big paycheck. "I'm grinding for success," Hogg says, "I'm hungry!"

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