Trump talks vet donations and Hispanic judge, Stephen Hawking calls him “demagogue”

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NEW YORK, NY -  "The Donald" is showing us how he would handle the press if elected as president.

He ripped the media to shreds calling them the "disgusting, dishonest press" at a Tuesday press conference in New York City.

In January, Trump held a fundraiser for vets, where he claims to have raised 6 million dollars. For months, the media's been trying to figure out where the money went.

Trump was not happy; saying "he's never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job".

Almost six months after the fundraiser, he finally spoke up about where the money went.

While the sum was not quite six million, apparently it was close . . . about $5.6 million dollars.  At the NYC press conference, Trump read out a long list of the organizations as proof.

The presumptive Republican nominee also bashed the judge overseeing his "Trump University" fraud case.

He's previously referred to the U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel  as “Mexican".

Trump says Curiel "has not done a good job, he's been a very bad judge". Yet he still thinks he will win the lawsuit "I will win the Trump University case because I don't care".

On top of the fraud case, one of the world's smartest individuals is going after Trump.

Stephen Hawking recently called Trump a "demagogue". The British genius says he does not understand how Trump is making his rise to the top.

Cue Trump's Twitter rant . . . it's only a matter of time!

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