Brazos River crests, continues to plague Fort Bend County

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FORT BEND COUNTY, TX - The Brazos River is cresting in the Richmond/Rosenberg area at just about 54.47 feet, a new record! And the punishing flood waters aren`t going away soon enough for most.

“We could be looking at standing water where it's at for 4 or 5, 6 days, it`s going to be a very slow decrease,” says Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, Jeff Braun.

And as the bulk of it moves downstream, more areas start preparing for trouble.

“That water has already has already gotten through the Rosenberg - Richmond area, it is now headed towards Sugarland and Missouri City,” says Braun

Back towards Dewalt, between Sugarland and Sienna Plantation, John Laib has five feet of water in his house. “Only way in and out is by boat, that`s how I had to go yesterday,” says Laib. But Monday’s arrival of his newborn baby girl, Chloe, has been keeping his spirits up.

“When you`re around your kid it kinda makes you forget about all the disaster you`re going through,” he says.

Further southeast in Angleton, floodwaters rising and incoming rains are giving folks anxiety about the days ahead.

No matter how long you`ve lived in the area, your experience doesn`t amount to much in a situation like this.

“We`re 4 feet over the greatest flood we`ve had since we`ve had a river gauge in Fort Bend County, we can`t minimize that. We need people to understand, this is about as critical as it could ever be,” explains Braun.

With 3 to 5 inches expected, or 8 to 10 being the worst-case scenario in the next few days - get prepared now. And if your area calls for mandatory evacuation - go! There have already been 130 rescues in Fort Bend County, let`s keep from seeing that number grow any further.