Investigators confirm they have located a signal from one of Egyptair’s ‘black boxes’

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MEDITERRANEAN SEA - Finally, we may be on the verge of answering a really big question about a deadly air crash. Nearly two weeks after Egyptair Flight 804 tragically plunged into the Mediterranean Sea, some encouraging news has surfaced.

The Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry says that a French naval vessel has detected underwater signals from one of the doomed flight's "black boxes."

French investigators confirm that specialized deep sea equipment on board the "La Place" French ship has definitely detected signals from the seabed from one of the aircraft's black boxes, which is either the flight data recorder or the cockpit voice recorder.

The flight had been enroute to Cairo from Paris when it disappeared from radar on May 19th and crashed into the sea killing all 66 people on board.

Officials say a ship with special diving robots will arrive within a week to help recover the box from the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Then investigators hope to finally be able to answer the question, what brought down the Egyptair flight?