What questions do people in states ask Google the most often

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HOUSTON, TX - And now, it`s time for, “Ask the Streets” where everyday people answer life`s most profound questions. Brought to you by Google the go-to source for all those burning questions.

Lets get right to it. Kentuckians need help with the birds and the bees. They want to know, “How do i make a baby? Hawaii is confused on the meaning of life. While Wyoming can`t figure out, “What in god`s name, is Wyoming?” California is curious to know if Bernie Sanders is a vegan and the most common thing  a person from South Carolina is going to ask is, “Dude, where`s my phone?”

Someone please tell the crooked letter state, “Who killed Tupac?” And let Nebraska know what Tinder is already. What the Florida? Folks in the Sunshine State want to know why everyone hates them so much and quizzical Texans ask, “Where the hell is the internet?”

South Dakota has, by far, the most perplexing question, “Why is my poop green?” But perhaps this is the best question of all, what the hell did we do before Google??