Horror film ‘The Purge’ inspires Indiana teen’s killing spree

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - In a creepy case of life imitating art, an Indiana teen is accused of a deadly crime spree, based on the horror film series, "The Purge." Police say back in May, 19-year-old Johnathan Cruz went on a four-day rampage, robbing and shooting to death three random men.

"It's rare, but we have seen it before," said Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson. "I think there's a tendency to get emboldened after you commit that first act and get away with it and continue with it."

Police say Cruz even bragged about his "purge" in text messages to friends and family, who shockingly just looked the other way. His two girlfriends (yes, two) say Cruz isn't a killer.

"They're making him out to be some kind of violent crazy person and he's not," said Angela Barger. "He's not evil like they're making him out to be. He's fun, but not violent."

Fun?! That's a disturbing way to describe him!

"I highly doubt that he done it," said Ricki Coine. "I've known him for two years and have a kid with him."

Prosecutors are doing everything they can to make sure Cruz won't be cruisin' the streets ever again. He's being held without bond and prosecutors are considering whether to seek the death penalty.

The only thing that should be "purged" from this world--is evil acts like this.

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