Andre Jackson’s bond set to $100,000 in the murder of Josue Flores

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HOUSTON, TX - Andre Jackson, the man suspected of murdering 11-year-old Josue Flores, was back in court Monday morning for his bail hearing.

Flores' family, and other members of the community, marched silently from the memorial site to the courtroom.

“We want to bond for this man, this monster…we want him off our streets, he`s off our streets, now justice needs to be served,” said Beatrice Salazar.

Josue Flores

Josue Flores

Jackson was visibly shaken when the crimes he`s accused of were read aloud. Charges that he stabbed Josue 20 times before fleeing. His bond was set at $100,000.

Outside, no one was happy with that decision.

“At $100,000 I feel like it should be no bond. He should have no bond whatsoever, because it`s nothing for somebody to come up that feels sorry for him, and drop 10,000 and get this man out on bond, so we`re requesting no bond. So that the family knows he`s in here and he`s locked away,” said Michael Holiday.

Jackson has admitted to being in the area at the time. He was also living at the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center for a time, after being discharged from the United States Marine Corps when he served in Iraq. Community members have expressed concern over the safety of the area.

“I used to live here man and you know people come out of there and make a good life for themselves, so, everybody`s not bad,” said Patrick Randolph.

In a statement, the Salvation Army expressed "As longstanding community neighbors, we continue to pray for the Flores family."

A former school-mate of Jackson’s is surprised by the accusations.

“I seen it, on the video clip, and I was like ‘Naw, not this guy!’… He was quiet, he didn’t look for like trouble, he just stayed to hisself,” said former classmate Kenyatta Robinson.

Whether or not Jackson proves to be a monster, or just a man, the pain this community feels demands justice for Josue.

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