One canceled Kanye concert leads to pop up concert chaos

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NEW YORK, NY -  Kanye chaos? That may come as no surprise, but it did lead to major mayhem in the city that never sleeps.

Hip hop artist Kanye West attempted a pop up concert in New York`s east village.  The Grammy winner was supposed to headline the Governor`s Ball but severe weather forced him to cancel. Word quickly spread on social media about a surprise 2 a.m. concert in Webster Hall.

Fans flocked and the crowd quickly grew out of control.

“So there was just a mass group of people in the street and everything kind of got hectic really quickly, “ says one Kanye fan. Another says, “People were piling in too fast like toward Webster Hall, the entire street became filled.”

By midnight, West tweeted the show was sold out.  But things got out of hand so quickly, even West couldn`t get close enough to go inside.

The crowd numbered in the thousands. Pushing, the time police cleared the area, cars had been smashed and the scene looked like a riot zone.

Kanye`s been pretty silent. But wife Kim Kardashian`s been actively tweeting.

First, "Last night was crazy! Kanye wished he could have performed last night!!!

Then, “He really tried so hard but it was ultimately out of his control! He has the best fans in the whole world!”

Finally, “Thank you all for coming out at 2 a.m. Promise he will make up this pop up show.”

According to a Webster Hall employee. the concert was never officially scheduled. So, thanks to social media, things went from calm to chaotic faster than it takes to tweet!

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