Report says inappropriate relationships between teachers and students on the rise in Texas

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AUSTIN, TX - Everything's bigger in Texas, and that apparently includes the number of naughty teachers. Texas is on track to break the record of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. According to the Texas Education Agency, there have been 162 investigations so far this year, making it the fifth straight year of growth. Last year there were a total of 188 cases.

Zeph Capo, President of the Houston Federation of Teachers says, "I saw that there's been over 160 cases this year. Frankly one case is one too many."

The latest accused "bad apple" is Houston-area teacher Alexandria Vera, who admitted to having an abortion after engaging in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student. In this case, things first started to heat up between teacher and student on Instagram. According to Capo, "I think that it is vitally important that educators really consider the implications of social media use with students.

With more students and teachers using social media these days, many education officials believe professional and private lines are getting blurred, causing some teacher to overstep their boundaries. Capo adds, "Students are young. Students are impressionable, and it's our job as the adults in the room, to be clear-headed, use good judgment and steer them in the right direction."

Sadly, when it comes to these bad teachers, a few rotten apples are giving the Texas school system a bad name.

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