Verizon pitchman sprints away to another company

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NEW YORK, NY -  Listen up shoppers!   We know how easy it is for a TV pitchman to grow on you like the bare-chested Old Spice guy, or the exhausted Dunkin Donuts man who practically sleep-walks each time it’s “Time to make the donuts.”

Who can forget the self-proclaimed most interesting man in the world reminding us to “Stay thirsty, my friends” as he pushes the Dos Equis? Plus, nobody sells veggies as well as that colorful green giant!

It’s true. In no time, spokespeople become synonymous with their product. Surely you remember the guy wearing those nerdy horn-rimmed glasses. You know, the one who kept asking the same question over and over and over again, “Can you hear me, now?”

His real name is Paul Marcarelli. In his newest commercial for Sprint he says, “I was once with Verizon, not anymore.”  After a nine-year stint with one phone company, the free agent literally sprinted to another.

That got us thinking, what would happen if some other icons decided to make a switcheroo?

Like, Ronald Mc Donald. Picture him as the new king of burgers. And perky Flo the insurance gal. Booting the gecko could be, ahem, Progressive.  Can the Colonel serve any other kind of chicken? Then there`s that famous tiger who just might sink trying to sell Cap’n Crunch cereal.

To quote that famous tiger, the only thing we know for sure about a commercial pitchman is, “They`re grrrrreat!”


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