Bobby Brown claims he had sex with a ghost

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NEW YORK, NY - Bobby Brown is some dropping juicy bombshells.

First, he claims he had sex with a ghost?! In an interview on ABC's 20/20 show,  the former husband of late Whitney Houston, says he "was being mounted by a ghost" in a "spooky" Georgia mansion.

And no, he claims he wasn't high during the ghostly interaction!

Who knows, Bobby Brown's certainly going through a rough patch after losing his ex-wife and daughter back to back.

Now he's promoting his book, "Every Little Step" set to come out June 13th. In it, he'll be opening up about his personal life and relationship with Houston.

No wonder he's spilling the beans now.

In an interview with "Us Weekly", he clears up rumors about Houston's alleged sexual relationship with her best friend and personal assistant, Robyn Crawford.

Brown told "Us Weekly", it's true, Whitney was bisexual and intimate with Crawford. Apparently, the singer's family would have never approved.

Wow, with these talkers, we can only imagine what Brown's book will be spilling. In his famous song's own words, that's his prerogative!