School bus side-swiped by an 18-wheeler captured on camera

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LOWER SAUCON TOWNSHIP, PA - Imagine you're a sitting duck on a school bus and an 18-wheeler comes barreling straight at you.  Some 40 New Jersey high school students made it out alive after their bus was side-swiped.

Cell phone video captures the scary moments right before the bus was hit.  Lauren Chiaramonte was a passenger. "Everyone was screaming, and then you heard people crying after the screaming."

The kids were headed to an amusement park when the bus suddenly stalled. Before the driver could pull onto the shoulder....WHAM! That`s when all hell broke loose.

"We had a bunch of people jumping off of the bus, everyone just wanted to get off of the bus, myself included.”

The Passaic County School District says the driver and a handful of passengers were treated for minor injuries. Amazing it wasn`t worse.

Believe it or not, the story does not end there.  Officials say after hitting the bus, the 18-wheeler plowed into another tractor-trailer.  That second crash sent both truck drivers to the hospital. No word on their conditions.

The kids never made it to the park, but they still had a hell of a ride…and there was nothing amusing about it!