Texas man gets life sentence after 9th DWI

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - How many is too many, when it come to DWI's? Even in baseball, after three you're out. But when it comes to Donald Middleton, and his 9th DWI, this repeat offender is in for good. A Montgomery County judge sentenced Middleton to life in prison after his 9th DWI last year. Middleton was driving drunk on Fostoria Road in Cleveland, when his vehicle struck a pickup truck across from an Exxon station.

Montgomery County Assistant DA Justin Fowles says, "The defendant ended up making his way into the gas station that was right where the accident happened. He went inside the gas station and asked to be hidden." The 16-year old driving the truck hit by Middleton was the son of a Montgomery County constable.

Rowdy Haden, Montgomery County Precinct Four Constable says, "We're glad that my son was not injured in this accident that had the potential to be a deadly crash. We certainly support Judge Hamilton and her decision to send this guy to prison for the rest of his life. He's shown time after time that he's not going to be able to function in our society."

Middleton racked up his nine DWI's in Montgomery and Harris counties, starting in 1980. He's had numerous jail stints in between. The last one was a 13-year sentence that ended in 2015. A few months after getting out, he was drinking and driving again. But possibly the strangest part to this story, Middleton still had a valid driver's license when he was arrested for number nine.

The good news is that Middleton never seriously hurt anyone during his many DWI's. The better news is that he won't get that chance, ever again.