Will lowest summer gas prices in 12 years have roads overloaded?

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HOUSTON, TX-- You can say a lot about President Obama, but you gotta love his effect on gas prices! (That is, unless you work in oil and gas, but that's another story).

This summer, we're on track to have the lowest prices at the pump in a dozen years.

The Energy Information Administration says national gas prices should dip nine cents on average from what they are at now-- down to $2.27.

"I love it. I love the gas prices going down," says real estate investor Paul Humerez, "because I do most of my work driving around."

And as Houstonians know, our pump prices are always lower than the national average. Wednesday, Gasbuddy.com showed regular fuel in our area pumping between $2.19 and $1.89.

With prices going down lower, expect a lot more folks to hit the road this summer. Alton Stennis says he will be one of those, "I plan on visiting the family and traveling to Florida possibly."

"My boyfriend and I have definitely been talking about taking a country-wide road trip," says pastel purple-haired Audrey Herndon, whose sales job keep her on the road most days, "so that'd probably be a good push for us to do that."

Houston fitness instructor Stephane Noah is a road trip regular. He says, "Every couple of weeks we pretty much go to San Antonio... the cities around Houston.. sometimes Louisiana, so having some savings in gas is pretty awesome."

Not so awesome for folks like former oil and gas worker David Powell. "It really affected me," he says, "because I got laid off, so I don't have the money to do a whole lot of traveling."

For those who will be on the roads, remember: watch out for those darned texting drivers. Saving a little cash on gas will be useless if you end up dead in a ditch.