Man crashes car into cow on Grand Parkway

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HOUSTON - Why did the cows cross the road?  To moooove to the other side.  Lately on one particular road in the Houston area, cattle haven't been making it all the way across.  If you haven't "herd" about it yet, we're talking about State Highway 99, Grand Parkway.

One man is lucky to be alive after having a run-in with a cow, totaling his car near Louetta Road.

Jacob Jensen recalled, "Four cows just appeared in the middle of the road.  There were two in the left lane and two in the right lane."

"The first cow that I hit, I ended up taking out its entire stomach, and my car ended up spinning out and ended up in the center of the highway," Jensen said.

He says if he had a passenger with him, they would not have survived.

"It ripped the roof up, it took out the entire side where the airbags were and it had the airbags still strapped in," Jensen added.

It appears Texas State Highway 99, north of I-10 is earning a reputation as dangerous at night.  Last October, Houston Police officer, Taurean Branford died after hitting a cow with his motorcycle on Grand Parkway near FM-529.

According to Texas Department of Transportation, the lighting on the facility meets highway and safety design standards, though there was opposition from the public to have continuous lighting.

As a safety measure, TxDOT reminds motorists "to observe the posted speeds and to drive to current conditions at all times, on all roadways."

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