Typhoon Texas shut down after private event with teens gets out of control

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KATY, TX- A lock-in for youth at Typhoon Texas was shut down early overnight after the event became out of control.

A flyer posted online advertised the event to be a Christian youth lock-in only allowing in 3,000 people and was scheduled to last from 10:30pm to 6:30am.

Instead over double that amount of people were allowed in causing the event to become out of control.

According to posts on social media, when many of teens exited the park without anywhere to go.  They caused mischief in areas surrounding the waterpark like the Wal-Mart nearby.

Typhoon posted the following statement their Facebook this afternoon :

Last night a private event was held at Typhon Texas as planned by a third party. When our code of conduct policies were violated by some attendees with the group, action was taken to prevent accidents and keep guests safe, and the park was closed.

Our staff and cleaning crews worked throughout the night to get the park ready for normal operations. Typhoon Texas is open today and ready for safe, clean, family fun. We put those values before ALL else.

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