‘Amityville Horror’ house up for sale in Long Island

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AMITYVILLE, NY - Boo! The "Bleeding House" is up for sale.

The home, which inspired the book, 1979 film, and a 2005 adaptation are based off paranormal activity that a family claims they experienced while living in this house in Amityville, New York.

The five bed, four bath, colonial home is going for $850,000.

Back in 1974, Ronald De Feo murdered his parents and four siblings in this house. De Feo is currently serving time in the slammer.

A year later, the Lutz family moved in. They claimed the house was haunted, allegedly hearing noises and seeing green slime come out the walls.

There's a lot of controversy to whether or not the family was making it all up or not. All we know is, the house is famous for its movie spin-offs and giving us the "heebie jeebies."

According the People Magazine, the listing agent says locals call the entire story "The Amityville Hoax". Apparently all four other owners never had any mysterious experiences.

To the next owner: Remember, proceed with caution . . . and maybe call NewsFix for a movie night?

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