Houston worries about security following the tragic event in Orlando

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HOUSTON, TX - The utter shock of the horrible events that unfolded in Orlando on Sunday leaves the Houston LGBT community with so many questions. Some ask, “Why do these things keep happening?”

Others worry about safety, especially with the Gay Pride Parade and Celebration hitting the streets in a few weeks. The Houston Police Department says, “Parade goers can expect to see additional officers in police cars and on foot and on bike so there will be a large presence so that we deter any criminal activity, but also so we have adequate resources to act to anything that happens.”

"What I know to be true is that this makes us more vulnerable," said Harrison Guy, artistic director at Urban Souls Dance Company. "This does not put us in a position to say that we feel safer."

At the end of June, Urban Souls is putting on a production "Between Two Worlds," a hymn for black gay men on race, religion and rites of passage. He feels times, in wake of the tragedy, more awareness should be raised in the gay community as a whole.

So, in the midst of mourning such a great loss, we can only move forward by embracing each other with the love and respect we all deserve.

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