Stanford rape case sparks graduation protests and lifetime ban from swimming for convicted athlete

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STANFORD, CA - There's no shortage of backlash brewing for convicted felon Brock Turner.

The former Stanford University athlete who was sentenced to just six months in county jail and three years probation for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman has created plenty of public outrage.

"Women aren't objects, women aren't toys," one group on campus chanted. "Women aren't play things for the boys."

At Stanford's graduation ceremony, protesters came out in full force to condemn Turner and the judge in the case.

"I would like to not see people be raped," one male graduate demanded. "I would like to not see the judge who issued a three-month sentence for Brock Turner...I would like to have not seen that happen."

Graduation caps were marked with the fraction "1/3" to call attention to the statistic that protesters claim 'one-in-three women' will experience sexual assault before they get out of school.

"I need two hands to count the number of people that I know on this campus who have been sexually assaulted," one female graduate shared. "I shouldn't need one."

Meanwhile, USA Swimming issued a lifetime ban for Turner in the sport of swimming, and said they have "zero tolerance for sexual misconduct."

But Brock Turner has at least one supporter-- his childhood friend Leslie Rassmussen who also happens to be the drummer for indie rock band "Good English" out of Dayton, Ohio.

Rassmussen issued a statement basically blaming the rape on alcohol and "clouded judgment."

But now her band has been nixed from a major music festival in Brooklyn, so the "Brock effect" definitely has its downside.

And time will tell if more public pressure leads to even more punishment for Turner in the future.

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