Victims of Orlando terror shooting remembered as loving sons and “angels”

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ORLANDO, FL - In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in American history-- and the deadliest act of terror since 9/11, we are learning more about the 49 victims who were killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

One of the tragic stories came from one mother whose son, Eddie Justice, contacted her while the shooting was still going on.

"He texted me at 2:06 and said 'Mommy, I love you,'" a heartbroken Mina Justice shared.

"And I said what bathroom are you in?" she continued. "He said the women's bathroom. And then he said hurry, he's in the bathroom with us."

Sadly, Eddie did not make it out alive.

Other mothers were holding out hope. "My son hasn't been heard from so I don't know if he was left in the club or he got shot," another mom said in tears.

One father also described his frustration just waiting to find out some news. "You really can't describe it, I mean you really can't...especially all the waiting," James Connell remarked. "Waiting to find out if your son's okay. It's horrible."

As it turned out, his son wasn't okay.

Twenty-one-year-old Cory Connell was another casualty inside "Latin Night" at Pulse.

His brother Ryan later posted on social media, "God just got the best of angels."

Another mom was devastated by the long wait just to get her son's body back.

"I know he's gone," a numb Sarah Lopez conveyed. "I'm just here because he's lying there on the floor, and I just want to bring him home."

As vigils for the victims were held around the world, even the New York Stock Exchange paused for a moment of silence.

....Showing that despite the tragedy....every American was touched by it, and none of the victims will ever be forgotten.

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