What you need to know about Orlando Shooting

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ORLANDO, FL - Pulse Night Club: Orlando locals knew it as a staple for the gay community. Now, the world know it as the site of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history and of a hateful attack on the LGBT community.

President Obama is calling it "a devastating attack on all Americans."

Police confirm that  49 victims were killed and at least 53 others injured.  Victims names are being released as the FBI notices families.

It all started around 2a.m., it seems the official Pulse Facebook page took to their account warning "everyone get out of Pulse and keep running."

promo290038044According to Orlando Police, the shooter, Omar Mateen's first encounter at Pulse was with an off-duty police officer.  Police Chief John Mina says they engaged in a gun battle near the entrance of the club.

Orlando Police arrived on the scene as Mateen was shooting up Pulse.

In a second gun battle, police say they forced him towards the bathroom. That's where Mateen held club goers hostage.

Police say he made three 911 calls. In one, he pledged his allegiance to ISIS and  solidarity to the Boston bombers, and a Florida suicide bomber.

During the three hour ordeal, police believe some bathroom hostages were killed; yet hundreds of others made it out alive.

At around 5a.m., after police rammed an armored vehicle through a club wall, Mateen was ultimately killed during a final gun battle.

The FBI first learned about Mateen years ago, he was investigated as a potential terrorist, but authorities say they found no evidence.

As for this incident, FBI Director James Comey says the federal government sees "no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the United States" so far.

Around the world, solidarity being show for Orlando and the LGBT community as a whole.

In the midst of a tragedy, love and support, demonstrating true humanity.

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