Creator of the iconic “Beehive” hairdo dead at 98

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CHICAGO, IL - Hair today, gone tomorrow....

It's a sad day for hair fans everywhere now that the world has lost one of the classic coifs of all time -- the Beehive!

Well, we lost the woman behind the hive, anyway. Yes, the hairdresser who invented it back in 1960-- Margaret Vinci Heldt-- has gone to that great hive in the sky at age 98.

But talk about turning some heads!

The hive has been worn by some big-time queens like the Queen "B" herself-- Beyonce!

And who could forget the, 'do of choice for singer Amy Winehouse?

Even Adele sports the famous do. No wonder she sang, "We could have had it all!" The Hive did!

Heldt once said the inspiration for the iconic hairdo actually came from a little black velvet cap.

Of course, heavy is the head that wears the crown, and the beehive had to out-do some other famous do's through the years like the "Farrah Fawcett"-look of the 70s or the Jenn Anniston "Friends" look of the 90s.

But in the end, the world knows a good "bee"  when it sees one!

So, while the hairdresser may be gone, the hair will go on.

Long live the Hive!

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